The Soapstone Backsplash

This is another most preferred type of backsplash. First, it doesn’t requires you to do any kind of hard work while cleaning, because all it needs, is a glass cleaner wipe at the end of the day, and it will keep shining like new. Another great thing about this, is that it comes in slabs and you won’t need to have any type of cutting.

Some might misunderstand the Soapstone as marble, because it resembles it. Although it stores heat, it is not flammable. The maintenance of this stone is minimum, and that you will even have to take any care of it.

You can do some hacks on it to make it shine like new. One hack for example, can be coating the surface of the stone with mineral oil, and it will keep shining.

This stone is great for kitchen’s that have designs that are no bluff, and simple.

Modular Kitchen Chandigarh

The rise of the recent modular kitchens have made it necessary for people to make sure of backsplashes. It not only protects the wall behind the cookstop, it also gives your kitchen a completely new look.

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